Zhao-Hui Huang, Grants & Membership

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  K. C. Wong Education Foundation for Postdoc of CAS,  PI,  2002 2004,  Grant No. 20020928203040

  China Postdoctoral Science Foundation,  PI,  2002 2004,  Grant No. 2002032110

  CAS Informatization Grand Project of Tenth Five-Year-Plan -- Sci-Computing subproject, Co-PI with C. Wang,  2004 每 2005 (0.18 million RMB Yuan),  Grant No. INF105-SCE-02-15

  China NSF Young Scientist Grant,  PI,  2004 每  2006,  Grant No. 10301034

  China NSF,  PI,  2006 每 2008 (0.36 million RMB Yuan),  Grant No. 40574069

  China NSF,  PI,  2007 每 2009 (0.36 million RMB Yuan),  Grant No. 40674082

  China NSF Innovation Research Group Project,  cadreman,  2007 每 2009 (5 million RMB Yuan)ㄛGrant No. 40621003, PI: C. Wang

  China National Grand Science & Engineering Project -- Meridian Project, Research & Forecast System, Subproject of Research & Model and Operation & Management, PI, 2008 每 2010 (11.1717 million RMB Yuan), Grant No. 08FG30-A

     (Meridian Project,  Research & Forecast System, 2008 每 2010, 22.4954 million RMB Yuan,  PI: C. Wang)

  China NSF Key Project,  cadreman,  2009 每 2012 (1.7 million RMB Yuan)Grant No. 40831060PI: C. Wang


  Member of Standing Committee, The Specialty Association of Mathematical & Scientific  Software (SAMSS), China Software Industry Association (CSIA)

 Committeeman of Program Committee for National Annual Conference on High Performance Computing of China

  Senior Membership of China Computer Federation (CCF),  Committeeman of High Performance Computing

    Technical Committee (HPCTC),  and Committee of Fault-Tolerant  Computing (CFTC),  CCF

 Committeeman of Specialty Committee of Simulation Arithmetic, and Youth Scientists Committee, Chinese  Association for System Simulation (CASS)