The Third International Symposium of KuaFu Project (ISKP-III)

Kunming, China, September 14-19, 2008




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The Third International Symposium on KuaFu Project (ISKP-III) will be held at Kunming, Yunna, September 14-19, 2008. Click here for the second annoucement, and here for the first annoucement.

The online registration has opened, you can submit your presentation's title before July 10, 2008 at here. The Registration Deadline is postponed to July 10.


The KuaFu project will advance our understanding of the Sun-Earth connections and Geospace and improve the capabilities of space weather forecast. KuaFu will facilitate progress in outstanding problems in Solar, heliospheric and magnetospheric sciences. The pre-study of science topics related to KuaFu is an essential component of preparation for the mission. This pre-study will be aimed at clarifying scientific goals and ensuring that the mission achieves those goals. The KuaFu Science Committee therefore suggested holding a KuaFu international symposium once a year during the pre-study phase. Our intention is that this symposium will provide a platform for communication on KuaFu related research, form a wider community of KuaFu science study, guide the pre-study science, strengthen the political and scientific support for the mission, and improve the definition of the payload scientifically and technologically.

The symposium will be organized in 6 sessions, the titles and goals of which are listed below. We welcome both oral presentations and posters for sessions 1- 5. The presentation may concentrate on the following issues: the present theoretical understanding of the Sun-Earth space as a complex coupled system (space weather science), key problems to be addressed by KuaFu, the required measurements, the measurements of KuaFu-A and B, and the possible future progress supported by KuaFu. Abstracts should be sent to the convener of the session in which you plan to make presentation.


State Key Laboratory of Space Weather, Center for Space Science and Applied Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CSSAR, CAS)


China National Space Administration (CNSA)
National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
Peking University (PKU)
China Meteorological Administration (CMA)
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC)
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Scientific Organizing Committee

Chair: Chuan-Yi Tu (涂传诒),E. Marsch


Shui Wang (王水) , Cheng Fang (方成), Zhen-Xing Liu (刘振兴), Feng-Si Wei (魏奉思), Jian-Min Xu (许建民), Da-Ren Lu (吕达仁), Jun Yang (杨军), Jing-Song Wang (王劲松), Sui-Yan Fu (傅绥燕), Li-Dong Xia (夏利东), Zuo Xiao (肖佐), Yong-Wei Zhang (张永维), Fang Yang(杨芳), Xiao-xin Zhang(张效信),Jing-Xiu Wang (汪璟琇), Chi Wang (王赤), Jian-Kui Shi (史建魁), Zu-Yin Pu (濮祖荫), Hui-Gen Yang (杨惠根), Xiao-Hua Deng (邓晓华), Xue-Shang Feng (冯学尚), Jin-Bin Cao (曹晋滨), Mei Zhang (张枚),Jun Lin(林隽),Qiu-Gang Zong (宗秋刚)

Canada:     William Liu, Eric Donovan
Belgium:    P. Rochus, Viviane Pierrard
Germany:  S. Solanki, E. Marsch, R. Schwenn
UK:          M. Lester, Steve Schwartz,Louise Kim Harra
France:     J.-L. Bougeret, P. Lamy
Italy:         E. Antonucci
Norway:    Nikolai Ostgaard
U.S.:         R. Lin, J.Hughes, S.T. Wu

Local Organizing Committee

Chair: Chi Wang
Co-Chair: Gang Qin
Member: Z.H. Huang, X.C. Guo, J. Du, Y. Fu, J. Liang, Y. Zhou, Y. Liu
Contact Person:
Gang Qin
State Key Laboratory of Space Weather
Center for Space Science and Applied Research
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing 100080
Fax: +86-10-62582648