How to apply E-mail accounts of our lab

    The mail server of lab has opened,and can provide E-mail serve for you. The form of it is as name@spaceweather.ac.cn and is informed you. The method of application is followed:

Please send a email which is about your username to dkzhong@spaceweather.ac.cnúČthen the administrators will return the username and password which had applied successfully to you. Now you can change the password for yourself. The following is the method for changing password:

Please select "run" in the "start" menu, then inputí░telnetí▒in the text region (this is the server's ip address), now it will spring a window with:

"Red hat linux release 7.3 <valhalla>

Kerenl 2.4.18-3 on an i686

Login: "

Then input your username and password, it will show:

"Last login: í░dateí▒from "your ip address

[yourname@ns yourname]$ "

now input command "passwd" to change your password. Firstly, input current password; secondly, input new password, then confirm new password. If your operation is correct, the system will clue on "new password changes successfully".Then input command "exit" to exit this window.

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