State Key Laboratory of Space Weather

The State Key Laboratory of Space Weather was founded in 2006, which is the first state key laboratory approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in the field of space physics in China. There are about 50 research staff in the laboratory, which includes two academicians of the CAS, two PIs from the One Hundred Talent Program of the CAS, and five PIs from the Outstanding Youth Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC). It also has a space weather team of NNSFC.


    Academic Consultant: Prof. Liu Zhenxing (Academician, CAS) and Prof. Wei FengSi (Academician, CAS)

    Director of Academic Committee: Prof. Wang Shui (Academician, CAS)

    Director: Prof.Wang Chi

    Associate Directors: Prof. Feng XueShang, Prof. Cao JinBin and Prof. ShiJianKui

    Academic Secretaries: Dr. YaoJiuSheng

    Secretary of Administration: Miss Fu Ying and Miss Liang Jing

Main Research Fields & Contents

    The main research area of our lab is the process study of space weather in solar-terrestrial space -including Solar Coronal Process, Interplanetary Process of Solar Storms and Their Modeling, The Global Dynamical Process of the Earth's Magnetosphere, Ionopsheric Weather and Observation, Mesophere and its Responses.

    The main research contents involve: understanding the transfer of the huge energy and mass released from the sun to the geospace, modeling the corresponding space environment of the earth and prediction methods by basing on the basic process of solar-terrestrial physics; designing and undertaking engineering projects according to the national needs.

Main Scientific Goal

    Our lab is devoted to the study of adverse space weather and its influence on human, including the investigation of the fundamental space weather processes in the solar-terrestrial system, the research of linkage variation and prediction methods of adverse space weather, the exploration of new space mission concept and the development of new observation techniques.

Main National Science Projects Undertaken

    Main national projects undertaken presently are the National Major Project "Process of adverse disturbances in solar-terrestrial space and its effects on human activities", National key project "The global change of the earth's magnetosphere and its effects" and about 20 other National Natural Science Foundation Projects. Our lab is also the main proponent of the National Major Scientific Projects "Meridian Project", "Double Star Exploration Project" and "Cooperative Star Project of Asian-Pacific".

International Cooperation

    Our lab has constant cooperation with research units of about ten countries, among which a cooperative agreement with European CLUSTER Scientific Data Center is appreciated and Academician Liu Zhenxing is the principal scientist on behalf of China.Our lab is now striving to propose an "International Space Weather Meridian Circle Project", which combines the multi-station ground observation along 120E in China and 60W abroad.

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