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SIGMA weather group is devoted to Solar-Interplanetary-GeoMAgnetic Weather Process study. This group consists of two teams at State Key Laboratory of Space Weather: Coronal Processes of Solar/Solar Wind Storms and  Evolutionary Processes and Modeling of Interplanetary Solar Wind Storms.

The main interests of this group are as follows:

1) The eruptive mechanism for of coronal mass ejections and their coronal process;

2) The heating and acceleration mechanism; the relationship between coronal mass ejections and interplanetary solar wind storm;

3) The prediction method for space weather disturbances in interplanetary space and geospace based on the observations of photosphere and corona.

4) The determination and validation of initial-boundary value conditions of solar drivers for interplanetary solar wind storms based on the space-based and ground-based observations;

5) The dynamical process of the interactions between interplanetary solar wind storms and structured solar wind(such as fast stream, discontinuities);

6) The numerical method and modeling of adverse space weather events; Model development for geomagnetic storms and ionospheric weather based on interplanetary observations and numerical modeling;

7) Space Weather Integrated Modeling (SWIM) & Its Visulizations.

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