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第二讲:Reconnection Onset and electron acceleration in turbulent magnetic reconnection



讲座题目:Reconnection Onset and electron acceleration in turbulent magnetic reconnection

讲座嘉宾:王荣生(中国科学技术大学 教授)



地点:腾讯会议 411-8560-2478 (点此入会)


Since magnetic reconnection is triggered explosively, its onset mechanism is hard to be resolved by in situ measurement. Based on the MMS data with an unpreceded high time resolution, we found that the process of reconnection onset was firstly dominated by the electron dynamics (dubbed electron phase or electron-only reconnection) and then by the ion dynamics (called ion phase or traditional/classical reconnection). A 3D Particle-in-Cell simulation successfully simulated this evolution from the electron phase to the ion phase. On the other hand, the long-outstanding issue on reconnection is how the super-thermal electrons are accelerated. We present direct evidence of super-thermal electrons up to 300 keV inside an X-line region and the electrons display a power-law spectrum with an index of about 8.0. Concurrently, three-dimensional network of dynamic filamentary currents in electron scale is observed and leads to electromagnetic turbulence therein. The observations indicate that the electrons are effectively accelerated while the X-line region evolves into turbulence with a complex filamentary current network.


王荣生,中国科学技术大学教授,博士生导师。主要研究方向为磁场重联及相关物理问题。以第一或通讯作者在 Nature Physics, Nature Communications, Phys. Rev. Lett.等期刊发表论文30余篇。曾获2019年度亚太等离子物理联盟 U40奖,2019年国家自然科学基金委优秀青年基金资助,作为第二完成人获得2020年教育部高等学校科学研究优秀成果奖(科学技术)“一等奖”。


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