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第九讲:Possible New formation processes of lunar surface water in Earth’s magnetotail



讲座题目:Possible New formation processes of lunar surface water in Earth’s magnetotail

讲座嘉宾:李帅(University of Hawaii)



地点:腾讯会议 411-8560-2478 (点此入会)


Solar wind implantation is one of the primary water (OH/H2O) formation mechanisms on the surfaces of the Moon and possibly other airless bodies. The lunar nearside spends ~27% of its daytime in Earth’s magnetotail when the solar wind flux is reduced as much as ~99%. However, no water deficiency is seen on the lunar nearside. Here we report the analysis of water variations on the nearside surface when the Moon was in and out of the magnetotail. Our results show that the water at the lunar low and mid latitudes notably increased in the dusk and dawn magnetosheath when the solar wind flux increases, yet remains nearly constant across the central magnetotail despite the ~99% decrease of the ion flux. New water formation processes may be associated with the high energetic ions and electrons in the plasma sheet. Similar processes associated with the Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) events may contribute water formation on surfaces of other airless bodies such as Mercury, Vesta, and near-earth objects (NEOs).


Dr. Shuai Li is an Assistant Researcher at University of Hawaii. He got his Ph.D. degree in planetary geology from Brown University. His research focuses on two different fields: water and its associated processes on airless rocky bodies; non-icy components on icy bodies in the outer solar system.His studies aim to improve our knowledge about the formation and evolution of the solar system. He was awarded the Susan Mahan Niebur Early Career Award in 2021, in recognition of his significant contributions to the science communities. He also participates the recently launched lunar mission of Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO).


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